Our group sessions provide an atmosphere and culture like no other. Our crew of members are all about coming together, supporting and helping each other get the very best out of their workouts. Sessions are designed so no one person is ever left behind, programmed to cater for our beginners, yet also pushing our elite athletes to their limits.






Ankorr Harness training is an absolute game changer for all levels of fitness, from the everyday athlete to elite! Ankorr is body weight training with added resistance in all the right places, thanks to the state of the art designed harness.

Why we live and breathe Ankorr at NextGen? 

It adds controlled and progressive overload to body weight movements. It's functional and applicable to all modalities of training.

It can increase your heart rate with in seconds or can be used for strength and mobility/injury prevention training. It's minimal equipment for maximal heart rate. 

Our 6on1 Ankorr Training encourages team work, resilience and bonding to work at a high level with maximum support and encouragement.


An intimate one on one experience in our studio with your experienced trainer will ensure you are performing at your absolute best! By perfecting your form, tailoring your nutrition, setting goals and working on your mindset, together we can ensure that you have all of the tools you need to stay accountable and focused on the lifestyle and results you wish to achieve. 

All programs are completely tailored to the individual.  Our trainers are all extremely experienced in programming for beginners, athletes & performance goals, strength & conditioning, pre & post natal, rehabilitation, boxing, ZUU, Ankorr, mobility & much more.


Small group training is the perfect environment to come together with like minded people to achieve your goals, all still in an intimate setting. To ensure you can still work closely with your trainer, each session has a maximum of 3 people per session. 

This option is perfect if you are interested in training with friends, family or your partner. We encourage you to train with others that have similar goals although all sessions are tailored to suit abilities, strengths, ages and fitness levels. 



Our knowledgeable and experienced Sports Massage therapist Alex is a master at her craft. 

Specialising in sports massage, trigger point work, myofascial release, injury assessment and rehabilitation. Alex will not only assist you with all of those aches, pains, tightness and injuries, but her advice post treatment will ensure that you walk away with a clear plan on what you can do outside of your treatments that will assist you long term.