The NextGen culture is simply like no other! Stepping through our doors you will experience extreme levels of support, high energy, positivity, encouragement, guidance and assistance, all in a non intimidating, welcoming environment. A place where everyone can feel at home, everyone feels equal, everyone’s goals are just as important as the next and no one is left behind. A place where friendships are formed, comfort zones are broken and training is all about having fun and achieving incredible results together.

We provide an environment and programming in our classes that allows complete beginners to confidently step into their first session, yet see elite athletes also pushed to their absolute limits, all in the one session.

Our trainers are extremely knowledgeable, approachable and dedicated to providing you with the very best experience, every single time you set foot in our doors. We have a strong emphasis on form, injury prevention and providing an ultimate support network. So rest assure you are in the best hands no matter what your goals are. 

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Our Approach



We are NOT a generic gym; we do NOT deliver generic programs or generic meal plans. We are NOT a one size fits all. Everything that we do is completely customised. All sessions at NextGen are via appointment only, either Group Training, Small Group Personal Training or Personal Training. All of our training options have a very heavy focus on correct form, glute strength, injury prevention and mobility. 

We are all about hard work, being persistent, creating consistency, positive mind sets and breaking through all of those excuses that have held you back in the past! We are all about putting people first and fitness second. Every age, every fitness level. With no egos.