Ebony Taggert


Training Philosophy

As the Founder of NextGen my philosophy around training has and will always be the same. And that is, that we strive to create an environment and/or sessions where everyone feels equal and welcome. Everyone is challenged and pushed way out of their comfort zones, with the support of our other amazing members around them and their trainers, while always having form and technique as priority. I believe that health and fitness are the base of a happy life and am so passionate about helping people to see their true potential in this life!  

Myself and my experienced team dive a lot deeper than just making your sweat. 

Firstly working on your mindset, educating you on healthy nutrition and relationship with food, building your confidence and goal setting, we factor in your whole lifestyle into our programming and get you to see everything that contributes to your overall health, like your sleep patterns, hydration, stress management. Then, well you can guarantee you will be absolutely challenged in your sessions! 


Training Style

After having a terrible back injury for 4 years, my priority is always ensuring that injury prevention, mobility and creating strong glutes and core are right at the top of my list! 

My passion lies with finding what people NEED what makes them tick and motivates them, setting goals bigger than they think is even possible and then providing to them with the correct programming, what they are truly capable of.  

The sessions are always going to challenge you to push through physical and mental barriers. Functional body weight, strength training, mobility, HIIT, Boxing, you name it - I'm keen! 



I am someone who cannot sit still and hates being inside. Give me the beach, sun, water, hikes, netball, sport, travel and any kind of crazy adventure and I am there!

My passion for self growth and mentoring others to do the same is definitely a large interest of mine too! So rewarding seeing people build confidence and increase happiness in their lives.