Susan Bell


Training Philosophy

My passion for fitness, although always involved with sports growing up, ultimately came from losing 40 +kgs & learning so much about mindset, nutrition and the roles they play in your over allhealth.  I have been in the health industry since leaving school, being a nurse for a long time prior to becoming a PT, so my love for helping people achieve things has always been there.

I don't believe in a one size fits all. In order to make the lifestyle changes for each individual I will do whatever it takes to have my clients realise their potential & KNOW that they can achieve whatever they put their minds too & watch them achieve their health & fitness goals.

Training Style

In order to find the success with these fitness goals clients need to have an overall mind body connection. MINDSET is #1, & breaking through mindset barriers is sometimes the hardest part, but so so rewarding.  But also nutrition as well as stress management & quality sleep. Training is the easy part, but you can always guarantee the training is programmed to push you! 


Love teaching/showing my kids the healthy way of living & why.

Love basketball, in fact most sports, love being active no matter what capacity it is,love learning off our crew & other trainers whether that be through books or online podcasts etc, just love learning.