Chris Moore


Training Philosophy

I am a strong believer in that the things we do in the gym and training, transfers to everything we do in our everyday lives. I was taught as a young kid growing up boxing that when things aren't going your way or are getting tough. You have to plant your feet, bite down on your mouth guard and have have a good shot back. Those words have created a mindset that I have applied to everything in my life for the past 16 years, in and out of the gym.

Training Style

My training style includes Strength, Cardio and Conditioning, whatever my clients needs!! Everything from Boxing, Ankorr Harness, ZUU, Resistance training, including your big compound lifts but also ensuring focus on stability and balance in your programming. 



I enjoy surfing as often as I can, as well as skateboarding and boxing. Whether it's participating or watching. I love doing anything that's outdoors and exploring new places.