Amy Crooke


Training Philosophy

My focus with training is always on the individuals outcome and doing whatever it takes to get them there. Teaching people correct movement patterns and activation enabling them to train effectively to achieve their goals, as well as encouraging self confidence and a fulfilled balanced life.

At NextGen everyone has their own story and we all started somewhere, even as trainers. In 2016 I went through my own 18 week transformation with the guidance of the team. Working in an environment where the culture and support of others is like no other is what made mine and others transformations possible. Grateful everyday to be apart of a team that continually works and grows together, and as individuals have a constant drive to learn and better ourselves for our team and members.

Training Style

I love working with a range of clients with various goals from weight loss, muscle gain, injury prevention, rehabilitation, high performance and mindset coaching. The goal is always to get the absolute max out of my clients, in every aspect... teaching you to move first, lift second and then train hard!! 



If you want to know some of the best brunch places in Melbourne, then I'm your girl. I'll make any excuse to test out what's around. 

I'm a pretty simple person. I like cats, acai bowls, Grill'd, good food, good quality humans and good company. 

It doesn't take much to make me happy. As long as I'm spending time with those that mean the most to me then I'm up for any activity or adventure. 

Since finding my passion in the fitness industry I'd say this is 90% of my interests covered. I love learning as much as I can about my "hobby" and am so grateful every day that my job is my biggest interest and love in life.