Is for you if you want to...

  • Increase mobility and prevent injuries 

  • Gain lean muscle 

  • Improve your overall performance and increase fitness levels 

  • Create eating habits to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle

  • Improve your Core & Glute activation/strength

  • Change your lifestyle in order to improve your mental health and wellbeing

  • Want to be apart of a training facility that provides you with support and a positive, welcoming community



How you will achieve your goals?

Our weekly timetable is designed to cater for every fitness level, ability and goals. We have sessions that cater for Strength & Lean Muscle Improvements, High Intensity Training for athletic performance and fat loss & ZUU, the training modality designed to improve your mobility, prevent injuries, create team work and challenge your resilience and fitness all at the same time!




Unlimited Bootcamp sessions

Weekly Online Check-ins

Fitness Testing Week 1 & 8

InBody Scan Week 1 & 8 (Body Fat %, Muscle Mass, Measurements Etc.) 

Progress photos Week 1, 4 & 8

Members only Facebook Group

Week 4 Assessment – Progress photos and goal setting

Exclusive Challenge group session Week 4

Weekly Food Diary – Checked by your Trainer

8 Week Meal plan – Customised for your body and goals at the start of the challenge.

3HR Workshop – Covering everything essential to achieve long term health. 

(Mindset, Mobility, Core Activation, Glute Strength, Foam Rolling, Form, Nutrition, Goal Setting & much more)   * Options to increase your package by adding 1on1 Personal Training are also available.