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AUG 19 - NOV 24

PROJECT YOU is all about becoming the best version of yourself.
No matter what stage you are at in your life, there is always opportunity for growth and this program sets you up for just that.

We want you to become the strongest, fittest, fastest version of yourselves, but also the most empowered, confident, happiest and healthiest version! Literally from the inside out.

Our team of coaches are extremely experienced in Mindset coaching and know that it is an integral part of whether you reach your goals or not, hence why this project is focused on far more than just your physical appearance or performance.

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  • Education on and control over your nutrition, including calories, macronutrients and micronutrients. - establishing what is needed to fuel your body and achieve optimum performance and wellbeing.

  • Learn the importance of a calorie deficit and energy balance for fat loss, yet understanding why it is important for your hormones to not live your life in a calorie deficit.

  • Understand the importance that NEAT plays in your goals. Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis - your steps and daily activity.

  • Create a better relationship with food and build new long term habits

  • Education on technique and activation

  • How to execute the basic fundamentals of deadlifting, squatting, pushing and pulling, and - everything in between.

  • How to activate your core and glutes, which are essential in training and in life for preventing injuries.

  • Improve your posture and create new, positive daily habits to build a more active lifestyle.

  • Reduce overall body fat and energy increase

  • Decrease visceral fat that surrounds your organs

  • Improve your metabolism by understanding that the answer to any goal is not less food and restricting yourself. Even your fat loss goals!

  • Increase your athletic performance, strength, power or overall general fitness

  • Improve your mindset, personal growth, resilience and grit.

  • Learn that in order to be the absolute best version of yourself. To be a better mum, dad, daughter, son, partner, lover or friend, you must first make your yourself and your health a priority. This is how people get to share in the best version of you.

  • Learn how to become more mindful, practice gratitude, improve your time management skills and learn how to be more productive.

  • Learn how to set goals that are achievable yet, push you well out of your comfort zone.

  • To find a new love for your training, to be encouraged to try new things and face new challenges in order to see what you are truly capable of.

  • Build confidence, in training, but also in life!

  • Learn how to recovery and understand the importance and priority that is places on sleep and rest.

  • Reduce your stress and/or anxiety.

  • Make genuine life long friendships and become part of a supportive community.

  • To take part in some friendly competition AND WIN YOURSELF A TRIP TO THAILAND!



Upon joining the program you automatically go into both categories and eligible to win either. You can choose to focus on one, both or neither.

There will be 3 Prizes.
1x Body Composition.
1x Female Performance
1x Male Performance.
All 3 winners will score themselves a 6 NIGHT GROUP TRAINING HOLIDAY IN THAILAND, PHUKET!! Flights, Transfers, Accommodation and training all on us!!!

Fortnightly PERFORMANCE BASED SESSIONS (PWS) will be ran on Fridays at 6:30pm & Sundays at 8am. In these sessions you will earn yourself points that tally up over the 14 Weeks.
Dont worry. You don't have to be the fittest or the fastest to always earn points. They will be sessions designed to challenge your skill, accuracy, balance, composure, speed, agility, strength, power.. etc.

- You miss the workout, you miss the chance to earn points. And thats how the cookie crumbles/is a way to make up points and jump up the leader board.

This category will have a strong focus around improving your body composition and overall health.
Fat loss, muscle gain, relationship with food, nutrition knowledge, training technique, lifting heavy and everything in between that comes with a long term body transformation.

BOTH caterogies will have a STRONG focus on goal setting, mindset, nutrition, recovery, stress management, mindfulness, accountability, bringing everything together for you for the ultimate transformation and allow you to become the best version of yourself!

There is a HUGE events diary with some incredible speakers, offsite events and challenges, online access to plans and ebooks but here is a little taste of whats to come.

- Fortnightly Online BioFeedback form check ins
- Weekly/fortnightly accountability photos
- Weekly/fortnightly measurements
- InBody Scans Wk1 & 14
- Beach session
- Trail Walk
- Unlimited Group Training 28 sessions per week & option to upgrade to a PT session weekly
- Access to hundreds of different meal options and calorie counted plans
- Customised Meal Plan/Macros/Calories Targets
- Nutrition Coaching
- Self defence sessions
- Sound healing Meditation session with the amazing Katie Underwood
- Yoga
- Psychologist - Bec Black, diving deep into our mindset and goals
- Handstand workshop
- Technical Lifting session
- Access to all PBS - "Performance Based Session" on Fridays & Sundays regardless is you wish to earn points or not
- Start up pack
- HUGE discounts from our local "Support Teams"
-Private Facebook group for Project You participants